The Association was founded on 16 March 1999 with the aim of:

                   Promoting activities in education, training, protection, support and enhancement of culture and art, initiatives of artistic and historical interest including the creation of laboratories and workshops of crafts in danger of extinction, of embroidery, lace and textiles in general;

                  Committing to the recovery of ARS WETANA,  and the traditional lace of Orvieto, created in 1907;

                  Continuing the organization of the exhibition “EMBROIDERY AND LACE IN THE PALACE” in collaboration with the various schools and associations of Italian embroidery and lace;

                  Enhancing the activities of the “Bolsena Embroidery School“by participating in exhibitions and organizing courses in embroidery and lace for girls;

                  Promoting twinning between the cities of the European Community, linked by common interests in the field of embroidery and lace.


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Bolsena Ricama
Scuola di Ricamo
Via Roma, 46

01023 Bolsena (VT) Italia
Tel. e fax 0761798853    

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