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Bolsena Ricama

Bolsena Embroidery School

Our Story

The institution began its life in 1995 with the first edition of the “Pizzi a Palazzo” exhibition. On this occasion the collaboration of Prince Giovanni del Drago and the Marquis Maria Sveva and Maria Adelaide Capranica del Grillo brought a strong attention to the event and above all the success was absolutely winning. Visitors were thrilled to see ancient pieces of kit reappear that were thought to be part of a world that had fallen into oblivion. Pizzi a Palazzo continued until 2007 when the 100th anniversary of Orvieto Lace was celebrated. 

Bolsena Ricama


Italian Lace

Bolsena Biennale


Minor Arts, but nonetheless important and not forgotten. They are the roots from which at the beginning of the 13th Century  a new interest is born, an ancient curiosity mainly feminine that uncovers old dowries with a scent of lavender, a dream that recalls, vague in the memory, images of women sewing laces at the feeble light of a candle…

Our Activities


The School has a main office in Bolsena, plus two branch offices, one in the Upper Viterbo area, in Piansano, with the teacher Maria Elena Vecchietti, the other in the lower part of Tuscany, in San Quirico, with Maestra Carla Cavallasca. 

Bolsena Biennale

VI Edition of Bolsena Biennale 2019, 19 – 22 September. 

The unusual feature of our event is a structure spread across the streets of the historic center of Bolsena. The exhibition is spread among the historic buildings of the town, the shops, the historic headquarters of Palazzo Cardinal Teodorico Ranieri, the Town Hall and the Auditorium, the old town hall, the Teatro Comunale, formerly the Church of San Francesco, the Galleria Cavour, the Chapel of Palazzo Torzilli. 


This year the International Competition “Embroidery and Lace between Art and Tradition …. the coats of arms” is divided into two tenders: one for embroiderers and lace makers, the other for art schools and artistic high schools. 

UNESCO Project

Two different techniques, request to be recognized as Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage. 

We are talking about the Orvieto Lace and the old filet of Bolsena.

Lace and Portraiture

A gallery of images that tell the story of Lace in the past

Structure of the Organization

The Organizaion consists of a President, Prof. Maria Vittoria Ovidi; a Secretary, Dr. Maria Assunta Di Carlo; of a Treasurer, Prof. Gioconda Cimicchi; of two Directors, Dr. Amalia Mencuccini; Daniela Bencini, with the role of vice-president. 

The members of the embroidery school are forty with different origins from the region and from other parts of Italy.

The Embroidery School Association is open to all those who love embroidery and lace, with the intent of sharing activities, courses, guided tours and creating a “network” of common interests that evolves over time.


Our Headquarters

Our workshops take place in a room kindly granted by the Municipality of Bolsena, where we meet on Tuesday and Thursday from 3 to 5 pm from October to May.


Via Roma 46
01023 Bolsena (VT), Italia


+39 0761 798853

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