The School has a main office in Bolsena, plus two branch offices, one in the Upper Viterbo area, in Piansano, with the teacher Maria Elena Vecchietti, the other in the lower part of Tuscany, in San Quirico, with Maestra Carla Cavallasca. 

The School is based on a plurality of courses that guarantee its vitality and the preparation of its members. The courses are taught by Maestre experts in the various techniques of Lace and Embroidery: 

Daniela Labardi: white embroidery, sfilature, traditional embroidery, Hesse, Sicilian fashion show. 

Aemilia Ars 

Anna Galassi, macrame’, background nets, Aemilia Ars, intaglio.

Daniela Labardi: Ancient filet network of Bolsena. 

Maria Elena Vecchietti. Filings, Punto Antico, macrame’

Alessandra Polleggioni: Orvieto lace. 

Patricia Zanoli design and drawings. 

Some more pictures from our courses


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