From June 2 to 8 the Bolsena Embroidery School with the President, Prof. Maria Vittoria Ovidi and Maestra Merlettaia Alessandra Polleggioni, participated in Ireland, in Clones, in the County of Monaghan, at the International Summer School 2019, with a course in Lace of Orvieto, first and second level.
It was an exciting experience because the students with different backgrounds and nationalities, United States, Scotland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Holland, Ulster, Ireland, all united by the passion for Lace, using the English language, were able to have a preparation and a competence that really left us surprised.
During our stay in Ireland we had the opportunity to visit the Irish Lace Museum, in Northern Ireland, at Bellanaleck, in County Fermanagh, where in addition to antique pieces of Irish Lace, beautiful fans are preserved, bride gowns and other artifacts, made with different Irish laces, such as the Youghal, Limerick, the Inishmacsaint.
The organizer of this international meeting, Maire Treanor, did a great job, we have had a remarkable response, great publicity at international level and many of the students will be in Bolsena for the VI Edition of Bolsena Biennale from 19 to 22 September 2019.